At Security Solutions, we help commercial clients protect their people, property and assets with turnkey, customized security systems, installation, and support.

More than a traditional systems integration provider, we are also the creator and manufacturer of the innovative U-Change Lock System. Our experience as product developers and manufacturers gives us a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in securing your business locations, as well as the quality you require in the security products, and the return you expect from your investment.

Now in our fourth decade, we serve customers throughout North America and beyond, supplying products and services ranging from locks and keys to door hardware to fully integrated electronic access control, monitored alarm systems, and digital video systems. Our professional engineers and experienced technicians work together to configure and install integrated security systems that conform to the highest standards.

Just as importantly, we back our systems with 24/7/365 service and a support network that is second to none. Knowledgeable, responsive, reliable and extraordinarily attentive to detail, these individuals help keep your tailored Security Solutions system working perfectly … so you can have perfect peace of mind and the returns on your investment just keep coming.

  • A key operated lock that you can rekey yourself is invented by Lewis J. Hill

  • U-Change Lock Industries Inc. is started by Lewis J. Hill, Bill J. & Jenneva Dillard, and a handful of other investors to both manufacture and market this user rekeyable cylinder

  • Bill D. Dillard and Jay Dillard join U-Change Lock Industries; Bill as Sales Manager, Jay as Mechanical Engineer

  • Our first Top 20 Retailer purchases the U-Change Lock for their perimeter doors

  • Upon the request of additional Top 20 retailers, we are one of the first to market with a nationwide network of skilled service providers for door openings

  • We begin providing additional products and services for door openings including exit devices, door controllers, surveillance systems, electronic access control, and commercial fire and burglar alarms

  • The U-Change Masterkeyed system is developed


Geographic reach

We’ve augmented our skilled staff of installers and technicians with carefully selected partners around the globe, ensuring our ability to serve your needs wherever you are. Our products are currently in use in every state of the nation, as well as in Canada, Guam, Latin and South America and the Caribbean.

Whether you need to secure a single manufacturing plant, several dozen buildings in a school district, or several thousand retail outlets across the continent, Security Solutions can meet your unique equipment, installation and service needs with reliability and precision.


Track Record

Our customers choose us for our experienced consultation and engineering, cost-conscious recommendations, high-quality components and exacting installation. They stay with us for our ethical, friendly and responsible service and support.

For a look at the clients who trust us with their security needs and our methods for meeting those needs, we invite you to review our client and case study list.


U-Change Locks

The first and still the best. There’s a reason why you’ll find our U-Change User-Rekeyable Lock system in virtually every mall and outlet center in the nation: They save our customers millions of dollars every year.

The high quality of the U-Change line (we still manufacture it ourselves in the U.S.) yields an expected service life measured in decades. Additionally, the fact that U-Change locks can be infinitely rekeyed without the aid of a locksmith ensures an outstanding return on investment.


Secured & Assured

World class service with just one call. At Security Solutions, there’s no exasperating phone tree. No re-explaining the issue until you reach the right department. No excruciating wait for someone, anyone, to deal with your pressing problem.

Instead — refreshingly — there’s just one phone number, one team assigned to serve your needs, one call to get the ball rolling to address any security issue at all. Any time at all. The staff of our Customer Care center knowledgeably and efficiently handle hundreds of client calls every day. If a problem can’t be resolved over the phone, our extensive network of screened and qualified security technicians will respond wherever the need may be.