Fifty years ago we revolutionized the lock hardware industry with the world’s first infinitely user rekeyable lock. The on-site creation of the U-Change technology was the first of its kind for a key to key rekey process. We are proud to announce our newest innovation U-Change Master Keyed System. The new lock system allows the user to rekey both patron and master keys within a system by following a simple key to key rekey process. Saving You Time and Money.

Our multi-location clients typically recapture their initial rollout costs in less than 12 months. They continue to realize tremendous returns over the life of their hardware, saving on average $150-$200 every time a key-holder transfers or terminates.

  • Reduce Your Rekey Cost by 75%!

  • Replace Keys. Not Cores. Save Money. Rather than paying for costly cores and service charges, replace only your keys!

  • Tired of Trip Charges? U-Change allows you to rekey your lock on-site in less than a minute!



  • The First and Only Infinitely User-Rekeyable Lock!

  • Made in the USA with High Quality Parts. U-Change Locks Routinely Function Flawlessly in the Field for 20+ Years!

  • Complete Control Through Our Restricted Keyways

  • Our Nationwide Network of Service Providers are Specially Trained and Ready to Install U-Change and Guarantee Your Satisfaction!



  • Rekey Your Lock in Less than a Minute!

  • We Offer Tailored Systems Specifically Designed to Meet Your Master Key Needs!

  • Security will always present unique challenges, that’s why we are available 24/7/365! We are ready and eager to assist you so that you can focus on what you do best!